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About ILNOR GmbH

Spaltcenter, which was established at the turn of the millennium, is a subsidiary of ILNOR SpA, one of the most dynamic European producers of semi-finished products made of copper and copper alloys.
The flexibility of the parent company with regard to the production of alloys and the constant availability of market-related volumes for the European region from the stock kept by ILNOR GmbH are strong arguments in favour of customer service and timely delivery.


Market and applications

Cooperation with supplier companies such as those in the automotive sector, electronic sector or IT sector provides ILNOR Spaltcenter GmbH with knowledge about the markets and their product-specific methods.
We keep metal bands with the most commonly requested functions and DIN/EN standards in stock. Pick from the large range of excellent material properties available on the European market.


Storing - splitting - and we're off

And it's not an exaggeration when we say that we can also send things in envelopes. Taking small amounts from our stock is a normal part of our delivery programme, as is the splitting and rewinding of your goods on a contract basis.


Your contact partners

Don't hesitate to ask us questions about metal bands, the properties of metals or the availability of our products - we are happy to look into these questions and provide answers.